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To help massage therapists meet Washington State's new rules relating to breast massage, Haase Seminars will be offering an advanced course in 2017. [Details]

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What Our Students Say About Us

Here's what people are saying about Haase Seminars...

Rhonda Stevens, LMT, offering an unsolicited and uncompensated
testimonial about Secrets of Deep Tissue™, 2016




“Loved the hands-on portions. Everyone got assistance.”
– Juanita Dawson, Everett, WA

“Excellent! I would denitely take another course and highly recommend it to friends. Robert’s experiences and knowledge help teach us to understand techniques on a deeper level. Loved his sense of humor and sincerity with his own personal experiences.”
– Georgia Metroloulas, Chicago, IL

“Excellent! Robert breaks down the technique to help clients out of pain so simply. I feel so confident in doing myotherapy now.”
– Whitney Langlais, Phoenix, AZ

“Useful techniques that help me work smarter, not harder.”
– Mary Ann McClelland, Elmhurst, IL

“I have taken numerous classes with Haase Seminars and the content is always helpful, useful and best of all, my clients think I am amazing from learning their techniques.”
– Laura Bailey, Seattle, WA

“Robert has tons of medical experience to go along with his massage expertise, and truly cares for his students.”
– Jennifer Bell, Eagle River, AK

“Both instructors are very knowledgeable, energetic, and very inspirational.”
– Anne Marie Gallanis, Carol Stream, IL

“Loved the hands-on portions. Everyone got assistance.”
– Juanita Dawson, Everett, WA

“The seminar increased my knowledge and decreased my pain.”
– Elizabeth Hill, Dallas, TX

“The best class I have taken, and I would take it again.”
– John Paul Lasaro, San Antonio, TX

“The techniques were awesome… it’s also nice to have the handbook which is very detailed, so we can go back and review.”
– Rachel Knowlton, Phoenix, AZ

“Lots of patience and excellent instruction.”
– Brandelen Lindbo, Bismarck, ND

“Excellent, professional, efficient, engaging, knowledgeable, and highly recommended.”
– Daphne Scott, Ferndale, WA


"Never before have I taken such a CEU course that had such an impact on how I treat my clients. I have been diligently implementing your techniques into my massages and my clients have noticed in a positive way!  I feel like I can massage with confidence!"

– Melissa Rankin, LMT – Renton, WA


“It's such a great feeling when a client says, ‘Oh my gosh, that really does feel so much better’. Their relief is palpable. I just wanted to thank you and your daughter for the work that you do, which helps me do the work I love.”

– McKenzie Kruchten, LMT, Clive, IA


"Thank you for a great workshop. It was by far the best organized and most informative workshop that I have ever attended. Your neck routine is fantastic! I tried it on my spouse on Sunday night, she told me it was the best and most effective neck treatment I have ever given her."

– Joseph Eagle, Wayne, PA


"I had a client today with chronic lower back pain. Thanks to you and your seminar, they think I'm a magical rarity. They have been seen by several doctors who just prescribed pain medication. Now my clients feel like they have a better option. In all honesty, I feel like I learned more healing techniques from your seminar than I did the entire time I spent in massage school."

– Richard Talley LMT, Nashville, TN


"Best course manual I've seen in my 25-years of massage!!!"

– Deblyn McPoland-Russell, Cedar Falls, IA


"This is the third class attended over the past 10-years (with Robert instructing) and I've never been bored or felt the information was redundent. I have learned more every time. I gain so much knowledge, not only about techniques but body mechanics, anatomy & physiology that I didn't learn in school. He makes it easy to learn, retain and explain to my clients later 'why'."

– Stacey Jo Dowton, Moses Lake, WA


"You'll learn to work smarter, not harder, and you will be much more effective."

– Kirsten Bivens, Phoenix, AZ


"Robert does a great job keeping everyone in class engaged and makes sure everyone in class knows exactly what to do."

– Christy Douglas, Lenox, IA


"If you want to succeed as a massage therapist, you must take this class!"

– Renae Northrop, Sumner, IA


"The workshop was extraordinary in its organization, knowledge and presentation. I was able to use it today on my clients which I initially thought would take some time to achieve. Having the manual & DVD from the seminar is the 'gold' takeaway. You could easily charge more for the experience. I for one will be a repeat customer of your work."

– Linda M. Pearson, Eagan, MN


“He is an amazing therapist and teacher. His methods will transform your practice and life. One class and you will realize you can work as a licensed massage therapist for the rest of your life. I will definitely take another one of his classes.” 

– Eva Maria Raramuri, Chicago, IL


“You’ll find that you can immediately apply the techniques to your current clientele. The information and the business information will rapidly increase your value as a therapist. I highly recommend this.”

– Joshua Magee, Westminster, CO


"Wish I could have taken this course sooner!”

– Tammy Adams, Folsom, NM


“Thanks again for an OUTSTANDING seminar in MN this past weekend!  This was the BEST CEU training course I have taken so far because you teach with humor, simplicity, visual demonstrations with explanations, handouts, and audio to take home to review and retain what you learned at the seminar. I absolutely loved it!” 

–  Renee Hahn, Des Moines, IA   


“I was able to apply the techniques you taught right away and my clients have benefited greatly. That was the most useful CE class I have ever attended. THANK YOU!”

Loni Gibby, Spokane, WA     


“Thank you for teaching in Spokane this last weekend. I learned more this time than last time. All of us were really impressed with the professionalism and energy of the class. Talking with people when class got over, there was nothing but good feedback. This class was amazing and so was the way you teach! Thank you for inspiring all of us with the passion for what you love to do!”

Rachel Fridye, Spokane, WA     


“As we were learning your Low Back Pain/Psoas Release technique in class, I was saying to myself, “This is what Dad needs!” My father is 83-years old, is “hunched over” and has been experiencing severe low back pain for quite some time now. My massage has always given him temporary relief, but has never made a lasting difference. He has tried numerous approaches, having worked with medical doctors, physical therapists and chiropractors, but no real success.  


“I knew my parents were leaving the country the morning after your seminar so I drove over to see my father as soon as your class was over on Sunday evening. My Mom told me upon arriving that he could hardly get out of bed that morning and was in severe pain. I told Dad I had my massage table with me and I was going to perform a new technique on him that I had just learned. As I got him into onto the table, I explained the process and got right to work. As soon as I finished, he got off of the table. He was standing upright! In disbelief, I ask him if his back still hurt. At the same time I was calling to my Mom who had left the room because the process of the release on Dad was to much for her to watch. She walked into the room and said, “Oh my God, Emil! You’re standing up straight!” I was elated by what I was seeing and he reported that his back pain was completely gone and only had slight soreness on the abdomen. I told him that was to be expected since the muscle had been in contracture for two years. He emailed from Saipan that the relief has held for the past two days and that he was able to make the 18-hour trip in relative comfort.   “Robert, that one technique was worth the entire class for me! Thank you very much!”

John Slatick, West Richland, WA      


"I learned more in the past 48-hours than I learned in 8-months of massage school" 

Anthony McDonagh, Canby, OR     


“I did want to tell you, I have used so much of what I learned in your seminar.  It is some of the best neck work I've ever used.  The results are immediate.  I have used Rolfing techniques, which are very effective, but are harder on the client, not to mention, me!"  

Virginia Swinhart, Montesano, WA     


“Bob’s presentation was concise, on-point, applicable, and well-paced! Highly recommended for therapeutically-inclined massage practitioners.”
Regina McCarrig, Vancouver, WA     


“The course content pleasantly surprised me... I thought it would be a little repetitive and nothing new - but I was very pleased - worth the money and time.”
Maureen Barteling, Bend, OR     


“This course is a career-changer. You have no idea of the content until you just listen and hear the experience behind his voice and hands.”
Alton Griffith, Salem, OR     


"I took the "Secrets of Deep Tissue" course about a month ago and I just wanted to say that it has really improved my skill as an LMT. It has also immediately increased my enthusiasm and confidence for massage. I have a dual practice of esthetics and massage and I would often slightly dread when I had massage clients because I was getting bored doing mostly relaxation massage. I really look forward to massage now. It has even changed my relaxation massages to be more effective because there were so many things that can be incorporated into a simple relaxation routine. My clients are really happy when they leave. I have also worked on people with real pain (whiplash, back pain, wrist pain) and they are so happy and thankful with the results.  


"One other unexpected result is that massage is much easier on me physically now. I think it is mostly from watching the DVD and picking up subtle differences between the body mechanics of Robert, and my own. That alone was worth the class price.   "I also wanted to thank the classroom assistants. They were all so helpful and friendly. One thing that I really liked was that even though they all did the strokes correctly and with consistency, they all had a different style and that also helped to make things sink in.   "Thanks again for breathing new life into my practice. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this to any LMTs I know. You all are rock stars."

– Ruby Buchanan, Corvallis, OR    


"I just want to thank you for saving my career because I was on the edge of quitting. I did help my patients, but it took a lot of work, and my hands were feeling it. On the same day that I finished taking your class, I went to a friend who suffers from the "false heart attack." I did the treatment, and the look on his face was so unbelievable that he paid me. :) I was so surprised. I have another friend that I've been treating who suffers from upper back pain. So, I called her, and told her that I just finished taking this class, and that I wanted to try a new technique on her. She said, "go ahead and lets give it a try," but sounded without hope. She was so surprised that she went to her husband and said,  "look at me!! touch me!! I'm in no pain!!" Now, I really am in "wow land". Money well spent. Thanks Mr.Haase.  – Eileen Martinez, Kissimmee, FL    


"I just wanted to thank you again for bringing the class to Tampa.   "This was the best class I’ve had because the techniques were categorized by common problems, lectured on quickly without redundancy, and the hands on sessions immediately following while the information was fresh.   "What actually goes the step beyond other classes I’ve taken is the DVD review.  I’ve already been over it twice while putting the skills to use on my very patient wife-patient."  - Luke Weaver, Tampa, FL   "My name is Donna Castellanos Haynes from Long Beach, California, Owner and Operator of breathe... The Aesthetician with ALOT of hours of training.  All the techniques you gave us an opportunity to learn have proven themselves to be effective and client building.  The only reason for me to enter into this field, was to send my clients home pain free.  Yep, that's what I have been doing.  You made one massage and skin care therapist VERY happy.  I felt very comfortable and completely stimulated with old information revisited with a much better understanding of "why" the techniques worked with real world direction.  I thank you with allllllllll my heart."

Donna Castellanos Haynes, Long Beach, CO     


"Robert !!!  I am still pain free from that A/C joint injury this summer by taking your class...since that injury in June...I had already spent close to $500.00 with massage, chiropractor with acupuncture , Franklin General Medical Center plus x-rays in September since the pain was elevating from a 5 to an 8 and taking Advil once or twice a day to keep on working with my own clients since the class and learning your techniques and having the work done in class....I am pain free !!!!  If by chance some 1 or 2 levels of pain come back to due my own body mechanics of massaging my clients I know which muscles need to be worked on !!!!"   

Lu Rodemeyer, Des Moines, Iowa     



“Robert, I am sure you hear this a lot and get e-mails all the time, but I just wanted to say thank you.  I was in the seminar you presented in Virginia Beach and when I went to work Monday I had a renewed sense of self.  I worked on clients with new knowledge and compassion for what ailed  them.  I had some clients that I have been working on for a year or more who really trust me, so to show them some new techniques and hear how  great they feel with such simple new moves.... anyway I just had to  say thank you and I can't wait to hear about any future seminars.   “I walked into your seminar thinking that I had wasted money that would have been better saved for my family or spent on my 7-month old son. I was even going to test your money-back guarantee, but I left there with more than knowledge. I walked out of there with a new sense of purpose and strength that I never knew I could feel. Thank you. Keep doing what you do because it is making a difference!” 

Katherine Thekan, Virginia Beach, VA     


"Hey, Robert, just a quick follow-up:  I recently had a friend I hadn't seen in almost 20 years contact me on Facebook.  We met for lunch and while we were catching up she told me her son gets migraines.  I told her about your technique and forwarded her the steps.  She relayed them to him and he was able to use them on himself! When he felt one coming on today and they worked immediately. She's endlessly grateful to me, I'm endlessly grateful to you. Indirectly you've made a major difference in one young man's life and things will only be better for him now because of it. This is why we do what we do. Take care and God bless."

–  Liz          


“Robert made the class a lot of fun with his great sense of humor.  This is the best continuing education course I have ever taken. I look forward to introducing these new techniques to my clients.”

Jennifer Townsend     


“I REALLY enjoyed this class.  Very well worth the moderate fee. Learned a lot that I will be incorporating into my practice.”

Kay Marotbank 


“I've taken several classes and I'd rate this #1 for content, clear explanations and class environment.”

Lelia Merrill    


“Thanks for putting all this complicated stuff into a usable format!”

Marilyn Rose    


“A perfect class! Huge increase in skill and confidence are the end-results from this 2-day powerhouse!”

Gwendolyn Agro    


“This is a great class. I cannot wait to get to work next week and try what I have learned on my clients.”



“I liked Robert's stories, examples, sense of humor, and the simplicity of the techniques.”



This course is a must for any massage practitioner serious about deep tissue treatment.”



“Great course! I think all massage therapists should take this class.  Best I've taken.”



“I loved the class – the best continuing education class for me in 4-years. Thank you.”

Paula Foster    


“Robert is a master at keeping the class excited and interested with his humor, wit, charm and knowledge.” 

Wendy Craig     


“Everything presented was a plus. I found the whole weekend informative and fun! Powerful stuff. Robert is the kind of person one remembers with a smile.”

Lauren Shouse 


“Robert's humor and experience are his strengths.”



“This presentation was done so well with such a relaxed atmosphere that promoted and encouraged learning. It would be tough to improve.”

Alan Bartlet    


“Robert uses humor and puts students at ease.  He is  non-judgmental and has an ability to break material down so it is very easy to understand.” 



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