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To help massage therapists meet Washington State's new rules relating to breast massage, Haase Seminars will be offering an advanced course in 2017. [Details]

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No Secrets of Deep Tissue™ course dates are currently scheduled. To ensure you receive a scheduling announcement, please join our email list here.

16-CE Hours - 2-Days

Secrets of Deep Tissue™ is a comprehensive look at over two-dozen of the most common injuries that you are likely to encounter in a clinical environment. You will learn how to treat with fast and lasting results. This course has been critically acclaimed since it was first presented in 2000. Several recent updates make this version of the course the best it has ever been! Your tuition includes a completely updated full-color manual and DVD disc with all of the course techniques to take home with you. As an added bonus, you will receive access to the streaming video online as well with your own password-protected access.


These techniques are proven to provide fast, lasting results to your patients and clients, and we guarantee you’ll have a fun, information-packed weekend where learning is fun.  


Secrets of Deep Tissueis a must for any manual therapist looking to enhance their deep tissue and injury treatment skills. This highly-acclaimed continuing education course is packed with more vital information and content than any course you have ever taken before. What’s better is that this course is continually being updated, keeping it fresh and relevant.


Learn over 30 amazingly effective techniques to treat over two-dozen of the most common soft tissue injuries. This advanced medical-massage/deep tissue course will give you the confidence and skills to help your clients quickly recover from soft-tissue injuries, structural issues, and headaches so they can get back to living. Join the thousands of massage therapists, physical therapists, chiropractors, medical doctors, and naturopathic physicians who have been impacted by this exceptional 2-day, 16-CE hour NCBTMB-approved continuing education course.


What's Included?


  • TMJD & Intraoral Treatment (Meets Washington State Intraoral Endorsement Requirements) 
  • Hip-Pelvis Balance & Decompression 
  • Compartment Syndrome of the Leg 
  • Knee Treatment (incl. Medial/Lateral Collateral Ligaments) 
  • Foot & Ankle Injuries 
  • Neck Injuries & Advanced Neck Treatment Modalities 
  • Whiplash Recovery 
  • Multiple-Stage Headache Relief Treatments 
  • Complete Shoulder Treatment Sequence 
  • Frozen Shoulder Treatment 
  • Bicipital, Supraspinatus & Infraspinatus Tendonitis 
  • Low Back Pain Relief Sequence (w/Psoas Release) 
  • Seated & Side-Lying Techniques 
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (Complete Release) 
  • False-Carpal Tunnel/Thoracic Outlet Syndrome Release 
  • Shin Splints & Runner’s Injuries 
  • False Sciatica & Piriformis Syndrome 
  • Postural Correction & Structural Integration... and more...

Course Format/Outline:

Secrets of Deep Tissue™ is presented over a 2-day period consisting of (2) 8-hour class days.  The course begins with a lecture which presents the foundational philosophies of Haase Myotherapy® and how those beliefs integrate with the course techniques. Lecture is followed by regional treatments of the body, related common injuries, and dysfunctions as well as associated structures.


Each segment consists of a short lecture, live demonstration, and practice time. The course is designed to teach the technique with a hands-on approach and ensures that every student understands not just how the technique is to be properly performed, but how it should feel to the client as well. Therefore, every student in the class is expected to take part in all aspects of the class including being present for all lectures, demonstrations, and both giving and receiving of technique. Students who do not fully participate will not receive their course completion documentation. 



The course is currently taught by Haase Myotherapy® founder, Robert B. Haase, LMT, his daughter, Sara Haase, LMT, and his team of trained assistants. The number of assistants varies by class and is dependent on the number of students enrolled. To ensure students get the most out of the training, Haase Seminars restricts class sizes with most classes averaging 18 to 28 students. To ensure every student has the individual attention they need, we schedule at least one teacher to be present for every 8-students practicing technique.



What to bring with you to class:

  • Massage table with face cradle
    • (We will lock the classroom after class Saturday so you can leave your table safely overnight)
  • Many of the techniques must be performed directly on your skin versus through clothing. Please be prepared to not only have your linens used for proper draping but bring clothing that will help facilitate access for the therapists practicing on you. In addition, please be sure to bring:
    • Shorts: Bring comfortable shorts such as bicycle shorts, sweat shorts or other flexible, soft shorts.
    • Women will need a sports bra, bikini top or other covering with narrow straps that provide maximum access to the upper neck, shoulders and Trapezius areas. Non-fragrant oil or lotion of choice. "Tube tops" or strapless "halter tops" are often easier to work around as they remove the straps from the neck and shoulder areas.
  • (1) Set of linens/sheets for your use (blanket is optional)
  • If you have long hair, a hair tie will be beneficial
  • Please bring several sets of Nitrile gloves that are widely available in drugstores. (Please do not bring latex or vinyl gloves)

Foundations of Secrets of Deep Tissue™ Lecture

Abbreviated introductory lecture for the 2-day course, Secrets of Deep Tissue™.

Treatment of Carpal Tunnel, with Robert B. Haase

Technique demonstration of Carpal Tunnel treatment, included with the 2-day course, Secrets of Deep Tissue™.

Plantar Fasciitis - Lecture from Secrets of Deep Tissue™

From the 2-day course, Secrets of Deep Tissue™

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